Dave Bing price Xbox 1?


Last time I check he was going for low 30s high 40s

don’t you mean high 30’s low 40’s?

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Yeah lmao you understand what I meant

What do you think his price will be in March?

Since he doesn’t go in a set, virtually nothing but he may be hard to find.

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Are there less of the mid/low tier cards in packs this year?

Yeah, tiers got bumped down with the new galaxy Opal tier for 99 ovr. So everything is a tier worse than last year essentially.

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Haha ok

I am just collecting now in case something happens and cards go desolate, though that might be irrational

Ie can get 20k on Xbox one for Quincy pond extent but I’m holding onto him

The time to sell on base set '19 players is definitely now, before the season starts and the market gets flooded with cards people get trying to rip packs for moments/theme players.

Silvers will only go down in price over time.

Current diamonds/amys will most likely go way down in price over time as well, as better cards come out. Especially since they are almost all “throwback elite” and aren’t needed for sets or anything.

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