Anyone try it out? Basically a free Monster Hunter-esque game that’s made by Epic. Cross platform is a big plus but it’s been a nice break from the sports games I frequently play.

If anyone either console wants to get at it lmk and I’ll add you as an Epic friend so we can link up!

i played the day it came out. its cool just havent played since

I was looking for an RPG kinda game as that’s why I like 2k so much the RPG elements of mycareer. It’s not exactly that but I think the ability to play with all my friends on any system is what pushes it over the edge into something I can enjoy some hours on.

my boy told me to download it last week havebt even touched it though

I’ve been playing city of heroes private server its pretty dope.

Basically this old defunct super hero MMO that closed servers but that some fans remade, its fun as shit and its free, population is nice and full too.

Could be worth a look if you like RPG type games. PC or Mac.

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Borderlands is free for PS Plus Members. Pretty sweet. I wanted to play it again before BL’s 3 drops.

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