Darren Collison

Retired after 10 seasons


Yeah I’m surprised. I liked him as a player a lot. Good man if he wants to focus on family and faith :+1:

He supposed to be are pg.

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No he isn’t Carlo. Lay off the booze, you’re too young

Carlo voice sound like he 35 doe lol

We have all been bamboozled

And then some teams call his agent in 2 days and offer 10 milly.

I need to hear this

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Im not crying. You’re crying.

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Yup. Dudes still a good starting level PG in the NBA about to get a 10 mil + contract and calls it quits. There has to be something else behind this

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I respect it

Wish him well. He was always a fun guy to watch. Hopefully there’s not more to this story like something health related with him or his family.

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