Darrell Griffith challenge

Anyone knows if you can do this in “play with friends” mode? Its under the mp tab so I’d guess it should work?

I highly doubt it. Guess you could try but very unlikely.

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Ah thanks I just completed it in TTO…anyone knows why so many people are pausing / throwing from halfway line - gifting wins? :joy:

Here we go


is he any good and worth the time?

Depends what your team looks like and how much you mind sweating through some TTO games with three Jazz players.

team aint bad but i like getting free cards if theyre good. the only issue was that challenge honestly lol

For me he’s worth the time, my team’s not the best, I’m saving my MT for later so I only play with rewards players…but he’s pretty good, dunks over everyone and his 3s are pretty good too.

I got him the OG Jordans to boost his speed and 3s

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my teams looks pretty close to urs lol

Reward players squad haha…just got Ibaka today, grinded my ass off today to get from lvl 21 to lvl 26 right now, I’m trying to do a run on that PD Melo :smiley:
The next target is diamond Kyrie though


I have grinding squad also but i did get dwight theu auction house. I locked him in due to me juicing him with diamond shoe and needing luka. Im stacked on guards tho. Maybe mitch Richmond isnt the best pickup for me right now

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Thats a pretty sick squad man, I guess you’re much more succesful at grinding than I am haha

I really wanted that PD Robinson card, I had a 8-3 and 10-0 draft run but didn’t have any luck finding him in picks…

The card I’d want the most of of yours is obv Luka but it’s too much of a grind to get him for me, especially since his card is not that great from what I’ve heard. I’m just gonna wait for his tradable card, I’m sure he’s gonna get a better card soon.

Honestly i got lucky with glenn. He was literally my last pick. I only got luka due to loving dwight so much and the shoe i put on him was worth a lot. Hes helping me destroy all time domination. Im 34 tokens away from adding mitch Richmond, then booker and carmelo by season end. My squad start of season 2 is going to be pretty OP. This game is fun till about December then cards get unrealistic. But thats ok cause i can just watch real nba after that and retire the game


I got Glenn on my last pick too. I then was playing with him in TT Online to try him out and people kept quitting because they were trying to do challenges for Darrell Griffith and I ended up getting Gus Gerard twice.

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I now have richmond also. Walt more valuable imo

Who have we all been using for the jazz TTO games??? I ran gobert Hornaceck and the ruby Griff to not much success a few times and now I’ve been waiting for better jazz players but that’s going to be my last challenge for diamond Griff so I’ll be looking to finish it off very soon… ?

Yeah I reeally want Walt, but I hate that they didnt give him a single dunk package. I’m finishing up the lifetime division agendas for the 120 tokens, but i think im gonna wait til next season before locking in a token reward. I have enough for 1 diamond rn, and I’m hoping to have enough for a Diamond + PD by end of season

donovan mitchell, griffith and boone (lucky got him on ttoffline)

But Mitchell is the guy you are looking for, i hope you got his starter

I’m almost done trey young and I already did Tatum so he can be next