Darrell Armstrong appreciation thread

If anyone hasnt used him already, he is a sapphire card from the multi dimensional promo and is insane for a sapphire. He can also be upgraded up to an Amy. From my experience with him so far his sapphire is better than any ruby I have so far, and I expect his amy will be on par with most diamonds that are obtainable atm.

Some stat highlights as a SAPPHIRE
18 gold 2 silver 1 bronze badges as a sapphire
84 driving layup
86 mid range shot
82 three point shot
90 driving dunk
86 ball handle
81 steal
88 speed and speed with ball
88 vert

Some of his defense stats that are on the low side get huge upgrades when evolving him aswell.

His downside is that he is only 6 foot other than that absolute freak so far.

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Tbh size isn’t much of a negative anymore these lil fuckers can blow by with their fast ass speed

I’m digging it.


So how Lowry is not your PG?

This man will dunk on anyone too.

I’m doing some Evo challenges so im waiting for a better version. I’ve ran a few with the raps squad. Our team is pretty weak tho tbh lol. Least on paper right now.

Do you believe that the Raps can do anything the next season?

What’s his price for now ?

Tbh I see them anywhere from 3 to 6 in the east. East weak as fuck

Maybe win a series or two. But I’d be SHOCKED if we even came close to an ECF birth

But you never know

Bucks are one injury away from being irrelevant. Sixers are good on paper but that spacing gunna be questionable.

Chip will come from the western side this year

I think Raps gunna surprise a lot of people. I like watching them play team ball moving the rock around and playing unselfishly. It’ll be tough to not have that closer in Kawhi

But it’s a great opportunity for Pascal to learn how to excel as the top option. I’m excited for Pascal’s growth this year

I wanna see him get better at running PNR /PNP and middies

Any sort of pull up middy or 3ball would make Pascal real scary.

We got a lot of defense still. Stanley Johnson and Hollis Jefferson give us versatility on defense. Just gunna be tough on offense with spacing sometimes…
That bench gunna be interesting…

then why won’t you play with their cards? and essepcially Lowry card that is now playable with the oop. unless you don’t believe in them?

Cuz I’m running ward and Armstrong evos right now and Channing Frye haha. Grinding

Playing a lot of of triple threat to grind for that Ibaka :wink:

Iblocka is really looking good

Looks like around 4.5k

How does it works? If he is evolved u cant sell him, right?

You can sell him evolved (according to the blog)

You can, theres already diamond Havliceks on the AH.

howmuch they go for?

Amy armstrong looks like a fucking beast. Getting that bronze clamps is huge. And quickdraw. Should be really nice. Gonna be my new pg

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I’ve been sniping for <2.6k and selling for 3.3-3.4k. Made about 25k profit today

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Weird considering defense was the strongest part of his game

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