Dark Matter Trae Young

It’s 99% copy of the 10k Opal.


I don’t even know what to say. Fuck you 2K

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Not even on very quick. This is a joke :joy:

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Not sure what people were expecting… it’s a free card. Just give me some XP with the card… and we good!


They won’t, they don’t usually for these kind of rewards


This season Reward cards are total piece of shit. “Galaxy Opals” with 20 HOF badges and stats of a glorified Amethysts, now literally a copy of a 2 months old bad card with just different picture and card art, and they claim it’s a 99 overall card.


Reggie Jackson, agendas and now Trae Young. What the fuck? Useless cards.


Lol everyone calm down it’s just a placeholder

They released “Opals” with 20 HOF badges and 2600 total stats as rewards this season, so I don’t think it’s a place holder


Jaren Jackson Jr from season 6 is a much better card than any of the opal reward trash cans, and took way less effort honestly

Have no idea what tf is going on with 2K sometimes


I hate this response, we’ve had lots of great free cards. What’s the point of dropping a useless card? That’s what everyone’s saying lol

They literally gave us 50+ HOF badges Miakn and Nash for 1 hour of gameplay, now they want us to play hours for 20 HOF badges Amethysts with Opal card art and 1000 XP. What are they smoking in the 2k Headquarters, is beyond me…


Wow—these upgrades are perfect. All the Opal was missing was a better vertical, better blocking of shots, and improved shooting near the basket.

Nearly a perfect card—surprising that they are giving this one away for free.

The least they could do is make the challenges a breeze if they’re going to give us trash cards

At this point I’m regretting not getting DM Nash lol

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@6thManSam I love that y’all are giving us cards for free especially the opals for agenda but we really need better DM and opals. These ones are not looking great imo. Trae young for example is okay but not good.
He needs more badges and better stats for D and very quick release.
These opals especially are bad because there’s lower tier cards way better than these.
Hopefully we can get these updated or fixed please!


I honestly think someone said “hey maybe these good rewards are hurting pack sales data the last weeks” and they made reward cards worse. Like would not be surprised at all.

Same as everything that 2K does… to get their users addicted to the game (engagement) in order to sell microtransactions. They got all of us logging in daily so their strategy worked. Now that everyone’s login after 6 days, hell do they care if they release a useless card as people will complain regardless.

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Maybe we will be fortunate to get a Chris Paul card next week that is a duplicate of his Opal.

I actually kinda hope CP3 is the next card dropped.

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