Dark Matter Richard Jefferson help/advice

I have no idea how to get this card on next gen. Rim running with bol bol worked once (got me to the 2nd quarter), but I just can’t get a stop on defense. Can someone that has this card give me some advice on how to complete it?


Honestly luck has to be on your side, I had badged up Seth curry and JJ ran 3pt plays for them and put dimer and floor general on Ricky Rubio. i had use the current knicks playbook and spammed 2 plays in there called “Quick Point 4” and “Quick Point 2” that would get them open most of the time for a 3. And badged up Og, Covington, DeAndre Jordan on the defensive side… did all this and still only won by 2 points lol


I did this challenge on next gen, main shooters were Buddy Hield & Duncan Robinson. Hield started with Robinson coming off the bench to give him rest. Used quick point 2 from the current Magic playbook. I surrounded them with Lonzo, OG, Covington, Mo Bamba, Morris, Dwight Howard & Danny Green.

Make sure your bigs have gold brick wall or clamps.

I tried the Bol Bol method that shit wouldn’t work for me Tim Duncan and Kareem were sweating me too hard.

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Be sure to use the clock glitch if you’re on XBSX

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im not on xbox, but im still curious. what is the clock glitch?

During an action replay and the cpu is inbounding, open the guide close the guide and open it again. It causes the clock to run down to 1 min (2mins in the 4th) while they just hold the ball without losing shot clock.

To be honest the gold vs invincibles challenge is easier on current gen. There are plays with a cutter that lets you score almost every possession.

What play is that excatky ? I can come to within 3-6 pts at the end with just running pick n roll /fade …so maybe I can actually do it with a play like this .what has worked For you ?

This is a video that shows the play, it’s Fist 21 Delay and it’s in the bronze Knicks play book. This worked great for me.


I put gold lonie walker with hof slipery at AH now for like 22k. This card won me this game. This badge is essential while using cut plays.

I used Walker at first but he didn’t work as good as Anthony Edwards for me. I badged all my golds when I first beat it but I’ve sold them and beat it a few times with just stock golds using Fist 21 delay. Crazy how easy it makes the game.

ill def try to pick up roco and og for defense, but any strategy on how to get stops otherwise? the only card i can get stops on is allen iverson and i cant do anything about tim duncan or kareem in the post.

Honestly Kareem & Duncan killed me in the paint. Running some zone defense kinda worked for me a bit but they were still we’re still cooking.

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I found I couldn’t off ball. Once I started on balling it made a big difference. I did it on next gen using heat 13 playbook. Used buddy (badged up) and seth Curry to shoot my 3’s.

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thanks ill try it

i was up 16 at the start of the 4th quarter and i lost… nobody on my team could set a half decent screen and i wasnt able to get a single stop

Damn bro I know how that feels, 1 time I was up by 12 going into the 4th and then I started bricking and couldn’t stop them and lost. If you can get that type of lead, I know u can beat them. You’ll get it, just make sure if you have that type of lead in the 4th again, try to slow down the possessions so they don’t have a whole bunch of opportunities to score


ight thanks

score was 69-69 with 20 seconds left… their ball, and my team auto fouled. down 71-69 i got a wide open look at the last second and got a full bar. fuck this game