Dark Matter Kareem, Wilt, or KG?

Which would be the best dark matter to buy Kareem Abdul Jabbar, DM Wilt, or DM Kevin Garnett

Wilt Imo.

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Wilt without question


Sad to say this but I don’t like Wilt on next Gen. Mainly playing TTonline.
His shooting motion starts from his knees and is very weird to me.
Always contested because it’s slow and weird…

https://youtu.be/uSgQm8KnFQ0 Wilt is the best ,

Giannis :joy:

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Had Wilt and I sold him and got Kareem and haven’t regretted any it. Kareem hits way more 3s than Wilt and once you get is post hook down he is a 2 headed monster. Wilt’s shot will let you down when it counts in those tough games. HOF Deep 3s is not a big deal bc most center only shoot in catch and shoot in corner or top of the arc. Plus I like post takeover bc you either give up a 2 or an open 3 every possession

I honestly think giannis is better then all tree of them

Wilt for me. You can run your entire offense through him, he moves like a gazelle. But i won’t argue if someone prefers Kareem. You can’t really go wrong either way.

I sold my Wilt. Fucking shooting motion in online modes… can be my hands, but I was hitting more moving shots than standing ones. Imagine.

400k in for my Wilt, 330k out for a Super Doncic. My C is Radja now, PF Obi Chocolate Toppin.

Sold Wilt for 150k profit and bought Kareem with contract. I play so much better with Kareem it’s insane. Shooting is night and day.

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Does Giannis get horsed on the boards by Wilt/Kareem/Drob type centers?

I’m using Myles Turner and he gets babied on the glass.

I run Giannis he is a dog & grabs boards for me, but I put HOF Box on him.

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I prefer wilt because he have hotzones everywhere which I barely shoot threes with my centers. Kareem is real good too , so I had to have them both. I just hate you can’t use one as a power forward

Kareem > Wilt >> KG.