Dark matter giannis

Bro I put hof blinders and deep threes AND deadeye, best card in the game no question


Is he end game ?

With those added, he is 2k23 endgame.


I’ve bought and sold him so many times. Today I have no idea how but I snagged a diamond contract, + 3pt grinches, 59 HOF one for 606k that was only missing deep 3’s, which I had.

So now he’s 60 HOF and very much end game and somehow he was 600k… Seen base ones near 800k less than an hour later, haha

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this is end game already
end game normally starts around nba playoff and we are in second round now so i’d say we are 2 weeks into end game

But i have the same card, hof blinders, range and deadeye. this dude is godly, luka cant compare especially on the defensive end, allowing you to switch all basically take away all the zigzag into a screen action, your opponent legit have to beat you on dribble or rely on stupid blow by animation. Already gone 12-0 this season so i dont know what to do next, other than logging in every day for daily xp

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with 3pt grinches and those badges, i cant see the invincible version be better than this card
also i think there might be 2 invincible version, the first one will not be a PG anyway and the PG invincible giannis will be the last drop of 2k21 so no point to wait for that

he’s ending most ppls game in unl

There won’t be a ‘pg’ inv Giannis imo.

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i just assume that because of 2k20.

regardless, that drop will likely be very late in the game (probably within last 3 drops of the entire cycle) so it wouldnt change the fact that this oop giannis is the PG giannis we will remember for 2k21


This is definitely my End Game Giannis.

in 2k20 they waited until the game was practically dead before dropping GOAT Giannis, by that time everyone was playing fall guys. :sweat_smile:

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side note: i am really surprised at how petty 2k is for the kawhi defensive stance
we can see exum base on very quick every where nowadays
but the kawhi stance is still very rare, i am still running danny ferry for that reason, and it is looking like that could be the case until the end of the year

Every content creator can cook and score 50 with any cards nowadays, but it is not very often that they speak of the kawhi defensive stance, giannis has it but luka, ben and lebron dont. that stance will basically gives you 3-5 extra stops each game, random crazy defensive animation will pop outta nowhere

Yep Ferry still my starting 3 and still running Kawhi off the bench. Tempted to bring back G Hill just for the stance, haha

smh when dbg said giannis and ben is closed
that stance + pro 3 btb easily put giannis on a different tier


Ik it’s crazy and I use Giannis as a 3 hunter😂

his package is crazy, only way to slow him down is through pressing/double teaming i believe
i only do 2 things and i steamed through unlimited with him and got the DM drazen already

if oppoents play defense on ball, just run at them, do the pro 3 btb and get pass manual D
if they off ball, curry slide into a 3 is always the go to option LOL

Giannis hovering at 600k or under right now, is he worth it at that price or will he continue to drop ?

Worth. Get a badged one.
Paid 800 k for mine plus added all the badges myself I ain’t even mad cards insane.

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Ik fr got all hof shooting badges on mine


Question is … do I get Giannis and put luka at the 2. Or do I get kawhi , put luka at the 1 and kawhi at the 2…

luka at PG, giannis SG and kawhi SF