Dark matter Deandre Ayton

Title says it all. I got USA Tyson Chandler for free in a pack and I’m wondering if dark matter Deandre Ayton is a good replacement

I’d take Ayton over Tyson Chandler everyday of the week including Sundays


Yep, no question about it… ayton is a way better card than chandler

ty fam

Both suck get the free dm wiseman or dm sabonis

Ayton is somewhere between Dwight-Wiseman, not good as both but more like a mixture. Pretty good, balanced card tbh.

Ayton is so underrated

Better on current than next, but he’s damn near one of the best non-Invincible C’s you can get

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Love Ayton’s jumper. He just needs those PUMA SkyDreamer shoes

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ayton is the most underrated card in the game. he comes of the bench for me and literally does it all. i need to use kat and embiid, bc i seriously think he could be better than both. his jumper is CASH.

He’s absolutely better than KAT. Step below Embiid but not super far off.

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I actually like his jumper better than Embiid’s, not gonna lie

Embiid has the playmaking badges off rip, but if you put them on Ayton he becomes the better card IMO (unpopular, I know)


Is KAT still slow as hell like he’s been in the last few 2k’s?

Agreed man. That ayton has been coming off my bench and he dunks on absolutely everybody and has a nice jumper. Big body on defence too

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Told yall ayton was on point.i got him just because of last year ayton card was pretty good and lord behold his card is good this year.

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I pulled Ayton from the vault last weekend and fully badged him and sky dreamered him up and he is str8 FIRE!

ayton is a clone of mutombo. I have DM mutombo on mah squad and was just seing ayton, and sheesh ayton can move, shoot, has all the animations, player build and all the good stuff.