Danuel House status for the bubble in doubt after allegedly sneaking Testing Official in his room

Here is the link: https://twitter.com/ChrisBHaynes/status/1304049510008737794

Honestly, this is better than what I expected. Yesterday, the consensus was that he snuck in a random IG thot. At least he was somewhat smart and tried to hook up with someone in the bubble already, limiting the chance to get coronavirus. However, man has a partner and kids and broke the rules that were established. Do you guys think he deserves the same or a worse punishment than Lou Williams?

We posted at the same time lol


Should have kept yours up, I got the bum ass twitter link lol. Yours looked better :sob:

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Nothing is wrong they both in the bubble they are both adults the nba is bias if they suspend him for a long time

She wants the D and He is ready to Give it to Her.

so the testing official will now lose her job huh smh

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Iā€™m not sure the testing employees are in the bubble. They may go home every day like the hotel employees do

did he really think he would get away with cheating IN THE BUBBLE? still tho this isnt a suspension offence

Shit, your right. I forgot about that. Dumb move

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She wants to test if Daniel House is positive or not. But this time House has the injection :joy:


Mans was ready to poke her with the needle to administer the vaccine lol

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Man just wanted some more tests than covid to double check he 100% healthy. Good work House. Health is always the main thing.

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Man does not want to play D against the lakers

He rather play his D with the Official :joy:

House wants a house full of kids, what he did only right?

He already got like 3 kids and a girl. Always feel bad for them when shit like this gets exposed lol. Maybe they have an open relationship, who am I to judge

He got so horny he had to fuck the nurse

That Twitter Bron stan CuffsTheLegend called this a few days back, thought he was just trolling but here we are :joy: