Danuel House Got A House Call

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What’s the issue? Come on NBA these boys feel like they in prison with the amount of cooch they’re receiving


Is he playing today?

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No i think he was out before this

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Correlation isn’t causation, but Jamal Murray seemed to have more energy and play better BEFORE his girl went into the bubble :smirk:


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: ayooo no cap


“Let her in”…what are we talking about here exactly?!

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The problem is he allegedly has a girl and kids with that girl. So I’ve heard

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No cap I’m still missing out on what the problem is

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The problem is the women doesn’t stay in the bubble and routinely comes in and out also hearing rumors she tested positive for covid

Also this is morally wrong since he has a parter

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Let me read up rq

Edit - maybe I’m just a fool right now but I still don’t understand what’s the issue here

Maybe you more progressive than me but I don’t have respect for people with no loyalty. I’m sure you’d be upset if your girl cheated on you publicly.


I cheat on SARVESH


It’s not that I agree with what he allegedly did but I genuinely do not understand the story


Hearing that she actually was in the bubble the entire time so she wouldn’t have covid if that’s the case this is only wrong on a moral scale as he already has a partner

He could’ve just invited her but maybe she doesn’t care if he sleeps around who knows

I see the issue here , why did he invite a covid tester if he didn’t need to. They think he might be hiding something

I think he wanted some sex bro

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Yeah this makes the most sense. If he’s cheating on his girl w the COVID tester then yeah that’s a b move. Morally, entirely wrong

But can you really suspend him for that? Lol put that man back on the court

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I agree with you but who knows they prob have a open relationship

Yeah we get it old school

Edit - I’m jp lol

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