Danny Granger help

I’ve never had Granger in my squad. Now that he has Pink Diamond card I can buy his diamond for cheap.

I have around 150k MT

In your opinion:

Is it better to buy only PD Granger? Or maybe buy Diamond Granger and PD Siakam?

do you have ak47?
bought the diamond 2 weeks ago and never really understood why ppl would prefer granger over ak. but maybe thats just me

no, I don’t have ak47

I have maybe 150 cards at best :smiley:

how are you MT wise? id just buy the diamond and have a run with him first

You can get the pd for 110k just 35k more

yeah, but as I said in 1st post I only have around 150k MT and I also want PD Siakam

just get the PD just because of the HOF Badges. I love AK47 but with the Playermodel n Stuff I hit way more shots with Granger than AK

The PD isnt even worth 35k more than the diamond. Get the diamond w a shoe & contract for 75-80k or just get diamond Tmac who doesnt get abused on defense nearly as much as Granger & he has HOF limitless.

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How pd granger get abuse put rim protecter and defensive stopper on him and hold just fine for me

Pascal still going 95k and up on Xbox what he going for on ps4


I want him, because after selling D Porzingod I don’t have starting PF.

I want Granger to be my bench SF , you know - some instant offence, and spark plug. That is why I’m asking.

Thing that makes granger different than the other base 11 guys is three point plays… I really liked the diamond granger… the pd is extremely nice for me he plays well above his defensive ratings… but if I only had 150k I would settle on the diamond I personally like having the mt to spend on something when needed

You get pascal and dm jr, or dm laettner basically cheaper Kristaps and dm granger with mt left over