Dan Majerle is a beast

Does anyone agree ?? This guy can shoot 3s from half court !

Agreed. Got him on my all amethyst team and can do it all

Yes agree

IMO for simply shooting threes and playing defense this guy’s one of the best in the game

You don’t want to do too much else with him, though

Yeah but him going for only 1.5k on the market is a massive YES hof range

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Oh absolutely, he’s arguably the best value pure 3&D guy out there

The perfect ‘cone’, as people seem to say these days

Even without QFS?

He’s good, but his shot is terrible.

For real? I love his release

Yeah 100% for under 2k he shoots the same as my galaxy opals and has 99 def

I tried it but it was slow and hard to green for me… :man_shrugging: To each his own :sweat_smile:

This is my big problem with him

I like my wings to do a bit more than shoot and defend, thus they need at least some form of QFS