Dan issel

Dan Issel is your October player of month…

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did it already start? they arent extending?

Foshizzle my Issel!

No reason to get excited unless you already have Finley and are going for Thomas

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The Toothless Wonder

Yep, I’m on right now – 96 rated Pink Diamond Dan Issel

Don’t know stats yet…

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So the collection goes in order… how many months til Hakeem?

My progress didn’t reset so I only need to win 8 games now. Damn I should’ve played more yesterday so I’d have to win less games to get him but of course the servers were ass the past two days.


Anyone confirm the progress resets?

Magic Johnson is probably the next 20th anniversary too then

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Cool I’m halfway home then

My progress is reset.

I was in the same boat. Sitting at 6-0 and I’m lucky I didn’t catch a disconnect L. Glad I didn’t play more.

L loll

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Wait damn so which is it?

Not really lol. I’ll go 12-0 easily.

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Lmao people swore it was Larry Johnson I’m sleep

@awanz did it give you the reward for your progress before the reset?