Damn what bad odds have these all star moments!

I am pulling all evening now since Kuz soon be out of packs. Nothing! And I have the feeling I could go on with another 500k VC and still be nothing.

I popped 300k MT worth of packs and got an amy lebron lol.

1 20 box, pd kd and kuz

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10 mt singles — diamond harris & tatum

20 box last night, nothing. Just did another box and on the 19 and 20th pack was Tatum and Harris.

2 20s nothing…

got drunk blacked out, came back 24 hours later
7 singles got me PD kuz and a Di harris

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3 boxes and some singles: 2 Amy LeBrons, 1 Amy AD, 1 limitless badge, too many Khris Middletons

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Bro that is just so close to my experience…

I got 400k and want this PD KD yall got me trying to decide what to rip.

lol you’re not welcome in this thread

Bought a 20 box and pulled trash

I would stay away from these packs. I have pulled a lot of packs releases so far and also decent number but went totally empty this time. Maybe there were juiced in the beginning.

I could buy dia harris and Diallo with the crap I sold from my all star pulls. L.