Damn we really getting nothing today

Here’s the start of March until now:

March 1 - nothing

March 2 - PD Porzingis that is an incremental upgrade over the one we already have

March 3 - nothing

March 4 - PD LeVert :heart_eyes:

March 5 - nothing

March 6 - Flash 4 that makes a lot of people quit the game bc the Glitched card costs over 1mil

March 7 - nothing

March 8 - nothing

March 9 - nothing

March 10 - Buzzer Beater with one card that really matters and is 500k+

March 11 - today (nothing?)

If you’re counting, that’s 11 days with a total of 15 cards. It actually goes back to Leap Year which was on Feb 28 so you can add another day to it. Twelve days with 15 cards released and no new content to play.

Just been basically have fun playing your same two modes online or offline with some shiny new toys if you have 1mil+ MT laying around

Give. Us. Token. Cards.

Give. Us. New. Modes.

I usually feel like a dick asking for free stuff in a game that does give free content like locker codes, but it’s borderline false advertising to not give us more token cards when you keep making sets that lock for tokens. And not having more things to do in the mode is just gonna be their own demise - if 2k21 is more rehash of the last two games it’ll be casual-free even quicker than this year

This shit is so boring rn and I’m about ready to jump ship for The Show. I’m a whale, too. And they do nothing to keep me wanting to come back

Pls don’t Old Takes Exposed me after we get the most fire token update today and Spotlight 3 tomorrow


Yea if no token market in next calendar week I quit bro


uPdAtE rEqUiReD!


Ugh thanks for streaming

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Moment can’t make them money then they ain’t dropping it


Mycareer is kinda fun.

I bought the game 10 days ago. Gave up on Myteam 3 days ago after dropping $100 on mt.

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Yeah so 3 relevant cards all month and most people can’t afford them. Solid work 2K.


At this point I’d be even willing to buy DLC.
Gimme new domination mode with new rewards and I’ll gladly pay 15$ or whatever lol


Please don’t give them any ideas…

Cards we need to spend money on to acquire, and modes we need to spend money to use them in. No thanks!!!


I know I’m late but since it’s been slow I been testing out y’all theory of only playing 5 guys, and I must say, I’m like 4-0, I can see how so many ppl run this all game now, the players move slower and the dribbles aren’t as crisp, but I don’t do dribble moves, I just set up iso or post ups


if there is actually id be shocked lol

The game is dead. I know that was thrown a lot this year. But it really is dead now. You see it with all the people selling off millions of MT and huge gaps between release day auctions. Matchmaking is only against teams that have had millions to play with. It is literally dead. There is nothing to do. MTU and TTO are so stale.

If this game was like the baseball game that’s about to be released. Every month they update the game with a TON of content for offline and online players with over powered cards that are free. Can’t see how any of you can support this trash next year.


Stay tuned!!!


But for real though. The game is dead.


Giannis killed off a lot of people from the mode and they haven’t followed it up with anything that would bring people back or make them reconsider

The fact that you release the ultimate P2W card on Friday and then don’t give any free content like token cards on Monday or Tuesday shows where their priorities are


Think games as a service is next thing anyway, no escaping that.
Nevertheless, MyCareer just too dull at present day, couldn’t be any worse than that imo.

Let’s do vc glitch and boost badges so you can hop on park ahah :joy:


Token rewards incoming


bless your heart

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