Damn PD JR Smith

My first game with him in TTO, made ever shot with him.

Once you learn how to time his running 3PT shot it’s over.

Im a knicks fan so I’ve used JR Smith and Melo a ton in past years. I have been using Melo for the most part in TTO and hes been great for me.

The stepback to the 3 been my money move with him

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Which one? The dribble move stepback (back on the right stick then shooting) or the shooting stepback (back on the left stick while holding the shot button)?


I been using PD Lin, D Melo and PD J.R on TTO. It been fun

The dribble move stepback into the elbow 3. Usually a green for me even with heavily contested defense

I will have to mess with that :smiley:

If you’re good at dribbling it will work nicely. I usually double behind the back to get the defender moving then dribble towards the elbow as if I’m gonna drive then hold back on the analog. It usually catches on ballers and even break ankles of off ballers


I was just about to make a thread about this. Can one of y’all estimate how much it would cost to go from 2000 cards to 2250 for PD J.R Smith? I have all jerseys and miscellaneous items. Only thing I have left to buy is moments players, promo players, elites and a few of the newer throwbacks I believe. @element @PopThieve @Awanz @AJ49689
I have exactly 2054 cards.


Assuming you don’t have cheap moments cards and your average card price that you need is 5000 MT (this is conservative!) then you’re looking at 1,250,000 MT. It could be more if that average price is higher. I’d be prepared with a million MT and you’ll probably need more.

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Yeah it’s a lot more than you feel like it should be. I promise.

I have most of the cheap moments cards I believe. I’d definitely have to buy some though. I was debating whether to attempt for J.R or not. I have 1.5 million and don’t wanna sell any players. I have 2054 cards. I’m likely going to sell off this mt and run with my squad I have after for a while. Should have Wilt soon and already have Worthy and a stacked team. Don’t really see how I would be able to improve other than worth an Opal Lebron.

That’s what i was worried about. I didn’t enjoy spending soo much on Webber, but he’s a beast. That last batch of cards was expensive.

If you want to stop after JR you should be able to sell back and do OK, maybe lose 150-200k in the deal. Sounds like a lot, but that’s basically what you’re paying to get JR.

@element is definitely right. You can pretty much break even. It’s just expensive to get there and a grind. But there have been a decent flow of cards in the last couple weeks, so maybe it won’t be as bad.

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Hmm :thinking: tough decision. I may just have to wait till more cards are released to attempt for him. That’s a lot of Mt to lose. @element how much do you like that J.R Smith card?

Thanks for all the info. Did you guys need free agent cards to get him or can you get him from buying cards on the auction house?

I will say this about JR. he is amazing and a ton of fun to play with. But when my ping isn’t steady it is hard for me to be consistent with his shot. His D is really quite solid and he comes up with a lot of turnovers for me.

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I think I got 7-10 free agent cards. I just couldn’t do those anymore. Lol. I completed dom, got every jersey, coach, and ball card. Got pretty much every elite under 45k ( including every Amy) and completed all historic collections. (This was 2 or 3 weeks ago though, so there is at least one more historic collection if not 2). I also have all ‘19 collections and HC completed. Funny enough, Wilt was my 2,250 card lol

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