Damn, Giannis gets the big bucks! (5 yr $228 Million)


Who won. Shams or Woj?

Woj just tweeted lmaoo

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late lmao

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From the source


ohh he tweeted first. ok so none of them won.

Huge deal but I’m sure he’s worth it to the franchise

If they miss/lack in the playoffs this year I’m roasting TF out of him and Bucks fans I’m sorry

Giannis is not a guard in the playoffs then he becomes a big, he needs great guard play around him to win a ring in my opinion.

Now say it in English, please :pray:t4:

They should build around him but its near impossible, with late 1st rd picks, plus big deals so they can’t sign big FA’s. Giannis is great, Khris Middleton is great but nobody else is.

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No disrespect man but could you say that again


Fully agree

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Mix feelings about this , I hope he find a way to get a Ring soon ! This guy is loyal


250M guaranteed yeah f*ck them rings!


Good for him, bro !! :slight_smile:

he really is, he could have gone to any team and won a championship, but hes gonna stay and try to win won for the team that believed in him

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He’s getting onion rings, rings around the tub. Any chance of a finals ring is sitting in his bank account.

Jrue looks good in pre season play

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Giannis & Harden or Giannis & Butler can win a ring.

forgot they got him lol, he will be solid for them