Damian Lillard

Is Dame the best PG not named Steph Curry? Discuss


Possibly yes

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im im building a team from scratch steph is the only pg i would take over him


You think only possibly? Who would you say is above or equal to Dame in the NBA rn?

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Still dame :slight_smile:

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I say kyrie dame and steph. 3 way tie

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Kyrie is good too, would you rate him with Dame?

If injuries weren’t a concern in taking kyrie over him

I think Steph is above them but Dame and Kyrie are the next best. I just wonder would Kyrie have the success without a good team around him. Dame has carried Portland at times by himself


All time Kyrie > Dame. This season & Playoffs Dame > Kyrie


Does Kyrie’s lack of success without LeBron/a loaded team worry you?

Can’t argue, Kyrie has that ring after all

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Nah he didn’t even play last post season and just swept a team so he’s doing alright so far

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So getting swept out by pelicans didn’t happen? Why are people so short sighted.

1 bad series doesn’t negate the multiple great series he’s had

So where is kyries bad playoff appearance to compare?

Steph, Dame, Kyrie would be my current list. 2nd and 3rd are pretty close though

In a few years Luka will head the list

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Bout to see a opal dame tomorrow


This season and This playoffs lol No Pelicans rn

Kyrie would never make a shot like that