Damian Lillard vs. Marvin Bagley III 🔥

I’m pretty it’s is all just friendly fire but man these guys dropping some heat diss tracks. (Viewer descrection but for the most part it’s clean)


Dame Dolla:

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aye cuh

My Bois mixtape called Thirteen Tre

Bagley won. Just my opinion.


Bagley’s comeback was so good. Had no idea he had those skills.


Didn’t see this thread

Marvin won imo


Bagleys flow was so much better. I was legit impressed.


Yeah Marvin sounds professional.


Bagley KILLED him


Why is Dame biting the battle rapper T Rex’s slogan in his first tracks intro without giving a shoutout? That’s not a good look

Stream of consciousness, in the order that I listened to them

MB 1: Beat is not crazy, it’s busy and hectic. Barely a beat lol; sounds like you’re talking over a crowd. If it were a little simpler, or didn’t have anyone rapping on it, or were mixed better, it’d be crazy.

Dame 1: :fire::fire_engine::fire_engine::fire_engine: Went hard

Dame 2 was the same as Dame 1. I thought he went baaaack to back. MB said “you dropped two tracks?”

MB 2: :fire::flushed::flushed::flushed::fire: did not lay down.

Can’t declare a winner til I hear this second Dame track, though. And why did this start?

Dame just dropped this response on his ig. Feel this song is best out of all of them, dame trying to end it.

Bagley owns him at this point

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Get that body bag ready for MB3. Can’t hold Dame’s jock on the court or on the mic.

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Lillard and Bagley are already better rappers than all of the mumble rappers together

JID brought hip hop back. Im a old school 90s early 2000’s underground hip hop head but damn man that dude and Dreamville are monsters didn’t think I’d hear lyricists like that in this day and age.

I could list underground hip hop cats for days but y’all boys dunno nothing about that lol

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Bagley won