Daily AH Thread (Thu 1/24/19) PD Klay Aftermath

AH Whatever.

But in case anyone’s interested, there’s a PD Iverson up for 53,600. Not stunning, but pretty nice deal. I think base PD AI has generally been trading for very high 40’s to low 50’s.

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Wondering how much diamond klay has dropped

PS4 like 6-7 hours ago.

I bought the new one for 340k

What? How? I paid 390 and saw many finishing at 400-420.

Clusters …
And I think I see at that timing a lot of them going even cheaper !
Maybe a visual glitch i don’t know

I cop him about 10hrs ago

Danny granger going for 600K. Like wtf

Idc what anyone says, no card on the auction house is worth 600k

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Yep. Made a profit somehow.

I picked up a PD AD naked for about 312k so it was a slight dip I think. This was like at 10pm CST last night

I have a ton of stuff to sell. I think Friday and Saturday morning will be perfect. People will be willing to overpay before the last round of the tournament.

Sold my diamond Klay w/ contract and Jordan 3 for 343k. Picked up a base PD Klay for 345k and gave him a diamond contract I got from TTO and picked up another pair of 3’s for 15k. Not much of an upgrade from diamond to PD but I’ll take the hit.

seems the only things impacted were the team collection items, current players, and heat checks.

Another PD AI up right now. 3:58:00. With Contract, for 53,950.

It’s the lowest BIN right now. Otherwise, it’s 54K, 54K, 55K.

Ive done it. Pulled PD Klay. Was trying to translate some vc into mt, wasnt expecting to pull him!!