Daily AH Thread (Monday, 9/17/18)

What was everyone’s sense of the AH/economy today, after the weekend and with the Rookie packs out for a couple days?

I was mostly only looking at Badges, but seemed to me that prices were down on Saturday and then very gradually and undramatically increased through this morning.

I bought some Player Cards of various tiers on Friday and Saturday and have to figure out good time to unload. Those, and also I’m now accumulating the Jerseys from Fantasy Dom, and have some Logos and Arenas from Current still to sell. Probably should stop waiting on those and figure the values are coming down irrevocably.

Badges I won’t even think about selling for the foreseeable future. Will be a glorious dumping, as I’ve sunk probably 150+ on Badges.

I’m in the same boat Harry. I have nearly a 20 stack of drd, lr, c%s, dimer, and defensive stopper. All were bought under 1.5k and many <1k. It’s probably the safest investment in the game if you can’t be bothered constantly learning and re-learning specific player values.

Yeah, I’m in the same boat. I don’t mind shopping for Badges, but I hate doing anything else on the AH.

Hard to resist using these Badges, but have generally only used some cheap ones.

Do you work harry? This is a genuine question not me trying to mock you, but it seems you always are able to fill out these long guides and super helpful tidbits of knowledge so I question how you manage that and school/work.

I should spend less time on the game, but I have a lot of latitude in scheduling when I do what.

I joke about with my wife every now and then about your writing skills lol. Good praise though

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I’d rather obtain the players with badges than use badges. If I need liquidity i can always flip some badges late at night when the supply is lower. I do prefer to hold as long as possible though.

So I’ve made about 600k over since release. Luckily I was able to get early release and 1mil VC for around $150. My game plan was to sell EVERYTHING. I went from 500 cards to 0 so fast. Had nice pulls. Back to back brons. Back to back barons. Basically every historic in a box. Walked away with about 600k . Since I pulled so much I already had a Dom squad. So I bought nothing until I finally got Dantoni. Then bought diamond shoes for like everyone. After days decided to make my first big purchase AD. Slapped a show on him. I figured he wouldn’t lose value because a diamond ad won’t come out for months. Was able to sell him back for 77k

I just buy low sell low . As long as you’re correct about your profit margins with tax included, and u have MT to “invest” you can buy bronzes for 500 and flip for 12. Flip diamond shoes. Silvers are for the snipers. I sold 30 been Simmons today for 3800

Last night I bid 3000 on 30 ben Simmons got money back from every one. Quick 15k

Lol I’m flipping c&s badges for 5k tonight after buying about 15 of them for <2k in the past week. PS4 market

Interesting stuff, guys! In past years, I’ve been nutso on the AH but mainly on PC where I have a keyboard. Last year switched to PS4 and couldn’t make myself comb the AH as widely. Now with new slowed down scrolling I just can’t deal with it. Will just do medium and long term buy hold and sell and take whatever that gives me.