Daily AH Discussion (TUE 1/15/19): PD AD Drop

Just for general AH/economy trend or whatever discussion.

Personally, I was at around 115K in MT and had started sell off from AK47 position. But will be generally holding off (aside from cherry-picking certain player cards to sell if I feel they’re not depressed in value), so I just don’t have MT to play with.

Could probably get one big ~100K bargain. But I’m just going to make do with buying up a bunch of random cheap shit. Like if I see good bargains on Shoes and Badges. Or certain cards that I feel like I know well as good earners when prices recover.

Yesterday I was buying cheap heatcheck cards.
Now is the time to buy cheap badges shoes and stuff.

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coaches are extremely cheap today I noticed

Now is the time to take advantage!

If so I should go get a Kerr?

How much is he right now?

I saw him ending below 30k, but probably a visual glitch

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What kind of prices are we looking at currently on the new cards? I hate being a chef because I’m not on, but I’m working straight through from release of cards to the late night low price time which is nice.

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30K kerr is a must cop

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I have no idea haha, not home yet but his price should drop a bit since everyone is opening packs.

Thanks for the info man

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yeah np!

So are we also anticipating Anniversary drop on Thursday or Friday?

Ugh. I may have to give up on doing anything but breaking even on all my purchases for AK47, in order to rebuild MT in time.

Shoes and contracts tonight adding zero value on anything. Get free White Kobe’s for the whole lineup, just sell existing in a few days.

Could be a good call, if they don’t tank market in a paradigm-shifting way.

But I bought up enough stuff to pull myself under 100K I think. So probably out of the running for something like a shoed/contracted Pippen. (I don’t want to camp on filters.)

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Just curious, why do you want to sell off after getting AK47? Do you think the next rewards aren’t worth it?

I don’t open packs and I don’t snipe, so it’s not really in the cards for me to hoard cards and stack MT.

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