D Wade Shoe

What would you guys consider the best shoe for D Wade? Main thread just talking about how half the community thinks he’s trash, while the other thinking he’s great?

If he’s locked into Li Ning, can’t put a shoe on him

I doubt he is though??

3pt shoe for sharp

Would the grey Jordan 12s do it with moving 3?

His amethyst isn’t

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I wanna tell you yes but im not sure

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I mean technically he was under Jordan Brand for a bit

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Jordan and converse… Man I loved those converses when I was a kid lol. And thinking about it, a moving 3 and the open boost from D’antoni should do it

White Kobes would be a good choice, albeit pricey. It’ll boost his 3 to a 99 w/ a coach, steal to 99 past the 96 threshold, and fadeaway to 99. Ball control would also be 99 so chaining dribble moves with him would be easy. Another option is a shoe boosting his FT, post control, and/or post defense. As it is, this card is BBQ chicken down low for the Magics of the world

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Yeah, white Kobes are def in consideration, along w the grey 12s, and maybe Kyries or South Beach’s. What is the 96 steal threshold?

Depends on your coach and desired takover

If white kobes and Dantoni give him sharp / slash then I’m in

I’m leaning towards white Kobe’s or pink Adidas depending on if I ever end up able to buy one, lol. Either way getting post fade and steal to 99 is important for me. I’m curious to know the takeover with both those shoes and Ruby coach, if anyone knows?