D Wade at point

Does he do well at point? I’m thinking of picking him up since he’s so cheap

I ran him a long time at point

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Wade is a beast at point.


I use him at point hes good.

Been my back up point since intensity

I’ve tried to replace d wade at Pg with magic, MJ, lebron, Tracy, and Ben Simmons. No one has been better than wade for me


What shoes are best for Wade?

I use a gold UA shoe that boosts open/moving 3 and passing or bc. Most people prefer him with the diamond 3pt shoes

Red Kyries. You need the hands boost since he only has 81 hands.

@Delano_23 @DaNali
What you guys think is a good price to throw down on one with red Kyries?

I’d say wait til tomorrow if you can, prices should keep dropping if they release a new promo tomorrow

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I threw down 750K when he dropped and haven’t looked back. Still start him.

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You think running the amy Wade w/ duo would be a serviceable back-up? I liked Wade in past years, and the duo essentially makes him better than last years PD.

I paid 400k for him with white Curry’s. Been backup of since January

Is his defense clamps? Can he lock up an LBJ or does his size make it tough?

Fuck should I throw down 160k on one right now? Don’t see any others with red Kyries up he’s the only one and I need a pg bad I’m running Lonzo. I’m also 300 away from KP so kind of need to make a push right now

He can lock up PD Magic, and 97 LeBron.

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I’d basically be paying like almost 100k for the Kyries since I’ve seen him go for around75k

How much is wade with a 3 point shoe on Xbox?