D Rose or B Roy?

If you could only afford to pick one, who would it be and why? I do need a point guard, so I’ve been thinking about rose. But Roy with defense?! Hard choice man.

Roy’s release is buckets.

It’s the same as Clyde right? Man I could never get that shot down shit was annoying

It’s faster than Clyde’s but if you can master it it’s insanely good, especially when paired with his quick dribble animations.

GO BRoy he even has 3 point plays

I would love to try him out but I’m running cp3 off the bench so I need someone at point ASAP lol

Im 8/9 from 3 in 5 games I have played so far with Rose

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I think this is going to have to come down to dribble moves. Who has the better dribbles out of the two? I love to iso, and I’ve been cooked by rose a few times. But not sure about Roy’s animations

If you’re not trying to get super Shaq then B Roy. Wait til Friday you can probably get both

Like I said, I love Rose, but PD Roy was a goon when I had him, can’t imagine the Opal, might buy him too lol

And only if you liked PD Roy. D Rose is a lot of fun, but pplnlike picking on smaller guards. He can dunk on anyone and pull up from anywhere post half court.

Opal is goonier, if that makes sense.

It definitely does lol

Have you guys played with him? I was going to get him but his price jumped.