D Porzingis thread

Didn’t see anyone make this yet so here it is, i was thinking about running him next to saboner but im not sure about having 2 slow bigs

I think you’d be better off replacing Sabonis with KP, and getting a more athletic finishing-type PF next to him. Maybe run Sabonis off the bench and start KP

Hes going to start at C for me and will be badged out. Might go with a 3 point shoe

Waht coach do you run?

3 Pt shoe woudl be a waste on KP IMO

maybe running kp-oden, giannis-sabonis?

I run Coach Pop only:

+5 Def Rebound…to a 96
+5 On Ball D… to a 90
+5 Strength … to a 93
+5 Help D… to a 92
+5 Low Post D…to a 86
+5 Def Consistency…to a 90

Turns him into a defensive beast and thats before adding a shoe. Card is godly. Im badging him out, throwing a shoe on him and running him at Center.


id say get a shoe that boosts his strength if there is one to give him a 93 strength, which is better if u ever have to deal with a kareem or shaq

There isn’t.

This KP looks good but honestly with the new contest system it’s just not the same. Unless he’s in the 50-70k range I don’t think I’ll pick him up.

If this card came out 3 weeks ago it would have been crazy


Is his release faster than the Amethyst or its my idea?

Feels the same to me

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for me it seemed a little bit faster. But anyway… makes no difference. This guy is a Monster!!
Rebound Machine as well!!

Picked him up for 100K BIN, he’s insane. Those stat upgrades may not seem like a big difference on paper but in-game he just feels so much better, especially on defense. This card is easily a 300k card in production value, so to be able to get him for sub 100k is ludacris.

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Was 100k a snipe? I cant get on but im hoping he fits my budget squad.

Yup, best PF I’ve used all year tbh (outside of GO Malone/Blake, but I never planned on locking for them.) I’d even take him over PD AD, the height difference is huge

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Too soon to tell, he’s not BIN at the moment but will likely hit it later throughout the week due to the sheer amount that’s gonna be available. He’s gonna be very popular though so that might not be a few days, KP is always sought after and PF is thin on options so he’s a blessing. I don’t mind taking a 20-40k MT loss though, at this point I just want to get as much fun time out of this game as possible.


Yi Jianlian upgrade. 3p plays and able to be a monster defender.

Speed shoe is the move man his 3 is already good enough.

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Just hit bin on PS4

Shoe is orange Cp3. Don’t look for anything else :grimacing: Helps him be better than just a spotup shooter.