D_kaposi Rep Thread

Hello guys!

I planned to make this thread a long time ago. I didn’t consider it so important while I was only selling coin. But now that I’m grinding for Kobe/Larry i decided to make myself a rep thread for the guys who I will do business in the future.

For those guys , a little about myself.

I started selling coin here at 2kG in 2019 , but I’m active here since 2018. I sold more than 5 million coin at this site in 2k19 without any problem (still miss you Ms. V :cry: ).

In 2k20 I’m not that active currently sold about 3.2 mil here. But recently I started grinds here. Kobe or Larry sim grinds.
Huge thank you to @Matwest12 and @LegendSnake. This 2 guy trusted me with their accounts while I had 0 grinder rep. Thank You guys once again , you’re the best.

My previous rep threads down below. From now on I will use this thread as my proof to see if I’m legit or not.

Right now I’m out of coins but I have 2 spot open for grinding. I can do either Kobe or Larry grind.
Platform : Xbox
Payment : Paypal

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100% back my man up he grinded out 3 conferences for me to get me the GOAT Kobe no problems whatsoever and he even let me pay after he completed a conference at a time if ur looking for someone to get this done or even Larry he’s ur guy

He grinded one conference for me. He lives in a different part of the world, so I was still able to play during the day time. He kept me posted when he completed teams and stayed in constant communication. 100% recommend him if you are looking someone to grind.

Super reliable and quick offline service, got me Curry in a little over 2 days. Definite vouch :+1:t3:

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Big vouch, super easy and flexible to do business with. Kept me updated every step of the way and I would highly recommend for anyone who needs his services.

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5 stars out of 5. Kaposi is very informative and responsive with updates. Super reliable! If you need some help completing some of the hardest challenges in 2k this is your guy!!! :star::star::star::star::star:

Hey friend…was given this link to see if you can do some bill spotlight sim challenges for me for 2k21…I actually need only the last 10 games of th bill spotlight sim done as I played and completed the first game of the series already…My GT on Xbox is Russian Hammer …and if you could contact me there I’d much appreciate it…you can msg me here just might take me an extra day or 2 to reply as opposed to the Xbox which I’m on every day…let me know how we can make this happen and any help would be much appreciated .

Quick service, got some challenges done for me while I was away on vacation definitely came through clutch :100:

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