D’antoni over diamond coach

It seems that everyone runs D’antoni over diamonds could some tell me why please

Sharpshooter takeover, 3p and speed for bigs :slight_smile:


It’s because of the speed bonus to all positions

Is 19k on PS4 a good price for him

Last time I checked I thought everyone was running Stotts lol

What does he give you

Can’t remember but it’s good, check him out

is stotts the same as di antoni?

I run Stotts, what’s the difference to dantoni?

Stotts gives ball handle and 3pt bonus to all 5 positions, I run stotts

I run Stotts for 3pt and ball handle bonus.

I have that feeling that

  • using DAntoni and my team misses more in the first 2 quarters, team starts cold. 3rd and 4th it’s good.
    I get much more rebounds with him for some reason.
  • kerr gives me better shooting in the first half, 2nd half i miss more. But it’s still balanced. Rebound issues can happen.

That’s what we noticed in a lot of friendly mt - matches. Nothing confirmed


With all these OP offense cards you probably don’t need the 3 point boost for 95% of the cards, I switched to Pop with all def and the +5 strenght boost, where most cards benefit from. Turns Rice into Scottie Pippen


I used dantoni in the beginning of the year have been switching between kerr and brad stevens. Brad stevens helps create more fast breaks off of turn overs for me. Kerr and dantoni seem defensively flawed in comparison. But of course if you like to jack up countless threes both are better.

Been running Stotts lately but as my team improves may switch to Malone, who I started the year with. More defensive boosts but still boosts some offensive stats

D’antoni was the best last year. This year, Malone

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D’antoni is good if you want to get some bigs slashing takeover, because it gives driving dunk and only defense rebound boosts.
Often when a coach boosts both rebounding stats on bigs they are stuck with glass cleaner takeover

Malone the best

Are Malone and D’antoni worth their prices?

That’s funny.

I have all the coaches and I only use Malone. Hes been my coach since September. The only move from Malone as cards get nore juiced is Pop/Stevens.