D’antoni or Stotts for a coach?

Really conflicted here, who would you guys pick?


I like Mike Malone personally.


I really notice the lack of defense with Dantoni. I’m also partial to Malone, good offensive boosts plus good defensive boosts (particularly Per. D, and Interior D. for bigs). I’m also testing out Stotts a bit to see if the 3pt boosts make any impact.

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Stotts for the Ball Handle boost to Blake.

I use him for the Ball Handle boost to AD who can get up to 86 w/ Coach and HOF FG.

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Stotts has so many nice offensive bonuses.

Crazy how you can have a legit team through grinding for “free” cards this year.

Also, I’d like to hear answers to your question lol

Why not run Nick nurse?

Does Nurse give any 3PT/ball handling boosts to Centers? I imagine that is why most run Amy Coaches like Stotts/D’Antoni over him.

Neither. Use Malone for Gasol

Nurse gives my bigs mid range, layup, defense and rebounding. My guards get the 3 ball boost

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Stotts boosts everyones 3pt from 1 to 5

What are Stotts negatives? I can’t stand using Diantoni anymore. He gives up so many rebounds and my players play awful on defense.

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Speed…and Int. D.

i tried using stotts one game and got burned by 15 on rebounds, haven’t used since

I use stevens. everyone gets defense boost and guys only score about 50 a game on me max