Customization ideas for My team?

Since custom badges have gone away now, I was wondering if you guys had some other ideas for cool customization that 2K could implement easily to make things a little more fun.

One idea I had was when you put players’ nicknames on the back of their jersey, the ability to choose which nickname to put. It would probably only take some intern 2-3 hours to type in all the nicknames on Or you could just let players type in the nicknames since they have filters for profanity.

Also I think historic coaches would be kind of cool.

What do y’all think?

Would be dope to run Red Auerbach & Pat Riley as coaches


I would love to run Don Nelson “Nellie ball” for some kind of speed in transition boost :slight_smile:

This, Why can’t you get All-Time Coaches too? I’d love George Karl for my All-Time Nuggets squad

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