Customisation idea for 2K22

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I was just quick selling my hundreds of bronze, silver and gold shoes, and there are some great looking styles that just gather dust in the collection. The effort to create all these shoes should be utilised by 2K.

Next year for :gem: shoes would be cool if they were issued as a boosts token which can then be applied to any shoe in your collection in the colour and style of your liking. This way you are not forced to have ugly bright green shoes on all your players and instead mix it up.

For example, instead of pulling a dunking grinch, you get a Nike token which boosts +5 in ball, dunk, accel, speed, spd/ball. You can then apply that to any Nike shoe in your collection and convert it to a diamond shoe with those stats.

This sort of customisation could also be done with player appearance.

Dirk Nowitzki Hero has a different player model to his glitched that was released at the same time. Would be great if I could go into the lineup screen and choose which Dirk build I want to use. The same for the variety of combinations of head band and sleeves for someone like Lebron through this career.

Customisation would add an extra layer to the team building aspect of Myteam. Thoughts?


This is a nice idea… there is so many bronze/silver/gold shoes that look really nice and I’d love for some of my players to wear them.

There’s like 15+ jordan 1s colorways, there’s a ton of kobes also. There isn’t any lebron diamond shoes this year which is weird, no reeboks (AI/Shaq) also.

Also the quickselling thing should have something like a multiple selection just like when deleting pictures in your gallery on your phone.


Oh the multiple quick sell would save hours!

Surely there are heaps of other little tweaks like this they could do which people have thought of.

I think these kind of features wouldn’t be hard for them to implement. I like the idea of getting tokens and having a choice, like when we chose from 5 players as domination rewards a few years ago. I think it was like Artest and Unseld were the popular ones but I chose Tony Parker and had heaps of fun with him.


if 2k wants to keep contracts in the game, make the stack indefinite maybe? same for injury cards

On the customising topic I’d love to be able to create a arena like mlb the show but not fully change an arena but make the backdrop of playing in a arena more pleasing (I love the lakers courts but I’ve been using them for about 7 years now )

Also if you go into shoot around with any nba roster the all star team arena had wood customised floor I would also like to be able to make a floor pattern in myteam like a year ago or two when the bucks had the massive M in their halfcourt

And also like c’mon it 2021 how can’t we fully customise our team it is MYTEAM FOR A REASON

and quick selling multiple things at once would save so much time :joy:

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