Custom jersey glitch

For your 3 team colors. Do you use the colors from the team logo menu, where you choose your 3 “team colors”.? Or did you create the jersey color schemes on the fly?

Edit: hmm seems like the answer is yes based on your previous posts. If so, do you know if you choose any of your team colors, from one of the “team” menus. Like 76ers “White”?

Nope, all made on the color wheel

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Damn, sorry man, have no idea then. Might just be glitched for some people. I guess I just got lucky it fixed itself. That must be a huge pain in the ass.

i have the exact same issue.
My team colours are blue, red and white, and on my Home uniforms my accessories are Orange.
I cant find a way to change it either.
Please let us know what the support will tell you.
I am not asking them because every time i ask them about anything they just asking me to do a diagnostic check of my wifi, router, windows, and all the bullshits you can imagine just to create the feeling that the problem (any problem) is not from them but on customers end.
Worst support ever coming from the worst video game company ever.

I tried the stripe 1 thing, didnt work, still orange somehow… I realized I wore my Spartans gear at practice yesterday and orange shoes (random), so maybe that’s why? :smiley:

I’ve got the same issue with home team custom jerseys … Kinda like Sparty orange doesn’t go with Iowa State colors!

Let’s be honest it’s prb not going to be fixed. It’s 2k.


Has anyone figured this out? I had custom uniforms on my XB1 with correct accessories, but I switched to PC and now everything is orange?

I just ended up making Syracuse jerseys. These fools will never fix it

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I was going to make a topic about how they haven’t fixed this since launch but it’s falling upon deaf ears at this point. 2k is so incompetent

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Damn that’s a killer for my All Duke Squad smh