Custom jersey glitch

Has anyone else encountered a glitch where the accessories with your jersey are stuck as a non team color? Along with this, the text on my home jersey also disappears occasionally. Haven’t seen it posted anywhere yet.


yeah accessories are glitched, mines are white on white and black on blue but second and third color is red for me but no red accessories ingame

yeah!!! I was just about to post the same thing… I created the Michigan State Spartans jerseys etc., road jerseys look fine but home jerseys have orange accesories like WTF 2K you had one job


Same glitch for me… Orange accessories are soo nice with my Miami Vice jerseys (white, blue and pink)…

C’mon 2k you can’t even make a simple feature work…

You can change accessories colors by changing Neck Color 1 on your jersey :grinning: You know, 2K can’t program shit normally lol


changed to white:

but even that doenst make sence, the necks on my white jerseys are dark green… there is NO orange at all

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Try Stripe 1 like on my screenshot

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aight man

Actually i just tried every stripe and Neck Color 1 changing acc. colors every time. Maybe it’s combination of stripes on your jersey and shorts idk, something conflicted

I’ll try tonight thanks for the tip bro

I’m about to try it, I’ve had this glitch since day 1

I had similar glitches, where my guys had orange accessories. I thought maybe because I used the “Knicks” blue in my team colors.

But I actually had to recreate my jerseys (They got deleted after doing an early badge glitch step wrong), and they had the expected accessory colors.

Can’t say for sure what the solution was. It had to be either

  1. Messing around with colors/options, fixes the glitch eventually
  2. Using a “team color” can mess with accessory colors
  3. Week 1 custom jerseys are just glitched, and you have to delete them and recreate them to get expected accessory colors

I’m not really sure what the answer is. I really don’t think it’s 2. I would guess it’s prob either 1 or 3, and knowing 2k, I’d put my money on option 3.

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How would I delete the jerseys and reset them?

I did it accidentally, by deleting my save data. But you might be able to just do it in menus, not sure off the top of my head.

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And if I delete save data, my cards and lineups would still be here right?

I wouldn’t necessarily recommend deleting saved data for this. Unless the Jersey menus truly have no option to delete/recreate.

If you are going to try and delete your local data (and redownload from the cloud) make sure you look up how to do it safely, on whatever console you use. I don’t know the safe steps off the top of my head, so I’d be very reluctant advising another user to delete their data.

Yeah I feel that, doesn’t seem like there’s another way around it tho

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I deleted the save data and now the jersey’s have reset but the accessories are still orange, I’m going to 2k support lol


Damn that sucks. What are your 3 colors? Do you know exactly where you picked them (e.g. color wheel, presets, etc.)

I had brown, tan and white but the orange was so tacky I had to make my jerseys orange just to match.