Custom images not showing up IG?

Anyone else having problem with custom images not showing up IG? I uploaded some logos a couple of days ago and everything went fine, today I uploaded some more but none of the new logos show up IG even though I uploaded them succesfuly on 2k website. Anyone has any solution?

No one has any idea what to do? I’m still having this issue and 2k wont answer me.

what does IG mean


gotcha, ive had no issues loading up images. Is it possible that you are looking in game in the wrong spots? For example (in game), if you’re looking to add an arena logo, but you’ve only uploaded team logos, it would look like you’ve uploaded nothing, because the spec is wrong

I have the same problem, maybe can someone upload it for me? I’ll send you the images

Welcome to the site man!

I’m looking at the right tab man…it worked till like a week ago, thanks anyway…

2k finally answered me but no real solution for the problem…

I’m playing on Xbox Series X. Is anyone kind enough to upload them for me if I send the pics? I’d be really grateful :pray:

i had the same problem 4 days ago and my images werent showing up.
But after 16-20 hours they were there. So it must be a server delay.

Thats weird, usually mi pics were showing up instantly IG, now they arent here even after a full day, I even tried deleting and re-uploading but no luck :unamused:

I guess its not much I can do but wait…

Is anyone willing to upload them for me? I can send the pics here. I’m on Xbox.

I could upload it for u