Curry is the real leader of Warriors’

Since Kerr being Warriors’ coach:

  1. With Curry—>288W 61L (82.5 Win %)

  2. Without Curry —>26W 25L

(I’m KD’s fan since he’s in Seattle , but I don’t think KD is the “leader” in Warriors)

This has been known. He and Klay are the real leaders of this team.

Many people don’t know, that’s why somebody says Kamba > Curry Lmao

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That’s Carlo & he be trolling bro don’t think too much of it

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I know men, but there’s still hella people think KD is the leader …

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KD is no where near the leader. It would go Curry, Klay, Dray, Iggy, Livingston THEN KD in that order in terms of leadership for the Dubs


Fax so I hope KD leaves this summer and backs to OKC

Id like him to stay but i think theyd be okay without him. I say we trade him to Boston for Tatum lol

You would never hear the end of that from KD on twitter


Tatum would fit very very well on the dubs. Better than KD imo. Better team player by far

Yeah true , but all he will see is that he is in his prime and they dealt him away at his peak.

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