Curry is still the best point guard... and I have Wade

Wade is better at the 2. I’m on next gen and Wade is an amazing slasher and finisher at the rim. Great defender and overall a good card.

When I first got him like most people I put him at the 1 and benched Curry. Wade changed my whole playstyle from a 3pt hunter to a rim runner. 3 of my Ls came post Wade. I don’t think he’s the best point guard. Baron might be better depending on badges. We’ll see soon.

Since I moved Wade to the 2 and put Curry back in my lineup at starting point I been 8-0.

I’m running:


I assign Wade to my opponents PG and it’s been working out. I get the slashing from Wade with Curry lighting it up like he been doing for Months. The best grind was Curry.

For those who don’t get Wade don’t sweat it. He not the best PG on next gen imo. Curry still #1. He is the biggest threat! A lot of cards can slash, but only a few can shoot from the hash.

Curry > Wade (at pg)


Put the weed down

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Lol trust me. Curry is undefeated on next gen

I got him. And whatever you smoking I need it

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Wade is the best pg on current gen


I’m with you my guy lol… I’m just running Curry at the 1 and Wade at the 2 to make it work.

This might be the year of small ball anyway… for now… lol.

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You feel me? It works!

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Curry at PG Wade at SG for me on ps4. And Wade guards any speedy or big PG.

Curry is absolutely still the best PG in the game. Wade is an amazing slasher and rim runner, but curry is the definition of a lights out PG. there’s no better 2 in the game than Kobe, not by a country mile. Kobe is the definition of OP, broken, unstoppable, one man army. And lastly Lavine is the 3rd best card in the game IMO. His sigs, along with his 3 ball and dunk package is absolutely insane. He can light you up and then dunk on your entire team.

I run curry, Lavine, Kobe, Giannis and Shaq and it’s been 30 point blow outs over and over. I find myself just throwing full court shots some games because I’m up by 30 in the 3rd and I’m bored.

Curry is still the Meta at the 1.


Yeah I had to put my pride aside. Curry still #1. Kobe price need to drop a lil bit more for me so I can buy one

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yea…curry is the only guy i feel tat can shoot lights out consistently …the curry slide is just too good and even other players like murray has it but he just cant shoot like curry…wade behind the back frm halfcourt is just slow but moving behind the back is awesome…i got kobe with diamond contract n shoes with all gold badges for 600k this morning…i tried to get one with any extra HOF but just keep getting outbid as i only hav 607k mt in total lol…kobe has the same halfcourt behind the back as wade but i am so happy that 2k finally give us a kobe with super good defense tendency 90 pass interception, 95 onball steal, 90 contest , 5 fouls…the 0 block is annoying but its ok.this kobe will be on my team till 2k22 or if i can get a dark matter kobe if there is one… lol…

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A lot of new era :billed_cap: in here

You on next gen bro?


Wade grinders in their feels lmao

Curry been the god 3 seasons and counting.

I told you he would be insane :eyes:

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Nah there’s no reason to be mad about a card you grind for. It’s a free card. I just don’t share the same sentiments and believe that Wade is the better card.

God tier

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Do you have curry?

curry is still my go to guy when i need a bucket. but wade is right up there offensively but miles ahead in defense. offensively you can also use wade to 3 hunt (next gen, stick shooting) and him being a beast slasher helps too.

so curry is best pg offensively. wade best overall.