Curry is literally cheesing

Anyone watching this warriors pels game ? Curry just drained like 5 3s in a row. All off screens lol. I feel like im watching 2k on play with friends lol


Curry exploded

Warriors looks scary AF recently

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That shit was insane. It all happened in like 3 mins too.

Just saw that he is shooting over 50% on attempts between 30-35 feet. League average is under 22%


Draymond looks confident, he doesn’t hesitate to shoot the 3’s and he actually makes them

another 3 by Draymond from the other corner damn

Draymond with the incoming diamond maybe.

My theory is the mini-slump the Warriors were in was them just trying a bunch of new shit. They’ve got boogie returning in a minute and were possibly running some sets out there that they’re aren’t used to.

If they’re starting to click again now, imagine them in the playoffs :flushed: gulp


All I know is nobody expected them to give the nugs such a gaping last night, everyone has been put on notice it seems

Boogie coming back tomorrow


lmao no

He took his back pack off lol

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Fucked up thing is that Pels were lighting it up. Shot 19-37 from outside. Julius Fucking Randle went 3-3.

Problem was Steph doing Peak Steph things.

Steph was playing like a video game out there.
Me and my girl were in awe. In the 3rd he made like 5 3s back to back off.screens. it was nuts