Currently Sub Glitching Someone For The First Time And I Have ZERO Remorse

Never have I sub glitched someone this year or even thought about it. This supermax season in general has been the most frustrating of them all yet I’ve somehow made it through the first rounds of this season with a solid record while making pink diamond each round at 70+ win percentage. But the start of this round has been the complete opposite.

I Started off undefeated but just now played a guy running Westbrook, Tracy, DR J, Larry & to top it off Giannis at the 5. The whole game was just turbo down court and abusing the trailing in-bounder for limitless logo 3s and every single one went in. Every possession 2k let him immediately inbound the ball while the man who scored is hanging on the rim still and a majority of my defenders aren’t even at half court. Magically 2-3 of his players are back on offense for easy dunks every time. I someone kept a lead the whole game until the final 3 minutes in the 4th where he hit 4 consecutive trailing 3s to close the lead and to top it off he hits a smothered mid range buzzer beater to go up 2 with .2 seconds left and im now gladly sub glitching him.

Dude sounds like you just gotta extend pressure bro lol


The glitch is in the game. If you encounter a flash pauser, zig zagging, constantly only drive and dunking then use it. So every game basically


Today I 100% agree with you.

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At the pace he was moving it wouldn’t have mattered. Only way I could guard it was to manually do it and that just left the person who was guarding the ball handler to get blown by for dunks by his westbrook who was averaging 30 points already.

Limit transition. Too ? A lot of times when games are fucked up like that its cuz the opponent is changing their settings mid game. If you dont adjust yours accordingly it becones really easy for your opponent to “cheese” although its more just taking advantage of what the game is giving you. I agree dude some games are super frustrating. Had a game today where i was relentlessly five outed. Ive also felt like that once and sub glitched more to see if it worked. Felt like such shit after tho

I don’t sub glitch, and I don’t take MyTeam seriously and don’t play supermax except maybe 1 game a month. Yesterday I ran into someone who just ran 1 play from the start to get Lebron/PG/Durant or anyone on his team to just drive and dunk. His team was a full on PD 99.

I paused, went to sub menu and left my PS to go play League of Legends. That guy kept restarting the timer for 45 mins I kid you not :joy:
I was playing LoL and checking the TV once in a while and he’d still be waiting until he finally gave up. I felt really happy about it :smile: The amount of joy you get knowing he’s salty AF and you don’t give 2 shits about the loss
bring on the fire people…

He just quit too and I know he took the L LMFAOOO

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My favorite thing to do is trail 3s with Larry and watch them complain cause they dont extend pressure lol

my favorite thing to do now is sub glitch people like you that abuse this games flaws because you can’t score a legit way

OP doesn’t sound very good at the game

Hey bro you can counter trail cheese by meeting them at half court, do it to dirk all the time but I will say if someone does it to me get ready to lose to Hakeem with Curry’s

It’s ok if he gets banned 2k19…I mean 2k18 part 2 comes out in 2 months

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Lol you sound like you dont know to change settings

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Why would I change my settings when it doesn’t benefit me to extended pressure with players that aren’t defenders? You low IQ 2k players swear that playing zone, traps and extend pressure solves everything when its meant to be the complete opposite. If I told you that he got back on offense every possession just turbo down court past all my players at half court what makes you think id let him do it full court for 3.5 quarters against players who are known to be liabilities on defense???

I know multiple people on ps4 top 100 leaderboards that have been sub glitching for months and reported multiple times and have never been banned. If you think ill be banned for a single sub glitch at the end of 18 that will go into 19 then you must have been living under a rock.

Bro chill it doesn’t matter either way. Pink diamond vince probably gonna disappoint and at this point just have fun. Let the sweaters sweat and just have fun

Fun & 2k18 can’t be in the same sentence chief.

Although I don’t typically advocate sub glitching some people do deserve it. I played a guy who was 5 outing me from the tip I got on the mic and said if you keep 5 outting me I will show you a cheese/Glitch you have never seen before. He kept 5 outting and I proceeded to beat him by 40 (no fabrication I won by 43 points) and he kept saying through the game “5 out isn’t cheese. I can’t even enjoy a peaceful ISO this is some bullshit” he deserved to be sub glitched but instead I hit him with some shit he never seen before.

Sometimes people deserve it. Do yo thang OP


Nah bro. sound like you just suck & salty. No excuse to subglitch regardless of what your opponent does. Its a game, deal with it

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