Currently sitting on 240k mt, what to do?

I’m sitting at 779 cards right now. I have like 7 uniforms and very few coaches, playbooks, logo and balls.

How much mt you guys think it I have to get to reach the 1000 cards level?

If I sell my curry and my Jermaine I’ll be around 270k mt

Theres over 300 jerseys, it b very close to that amount, if you play it smart you can make it foe that budget. Especially now with market floodef with them but prices go up when theres a drought of packs opened

buy now this is the lowest ive ever seen the jerseys


So is it worth it?
I if I sell Curry I put Charlie Scott on the bench and Baron starting
And I’ll get PD Tim Duncan and put him Center

(My curry is badged up a’d has diamond shoe, maybe he’ll sell around 190k)

yea bro Timmy a god


Agree, i wouldnt if done it for diamonds but for a pd yes! Hes better then moses malone. Every pd is amazing but i wouldnt go pierce unless you know how to play him

I don’t really like how this Pierce looks

Curry is very good but his lack of defense is really a pain in the ass. And Jermaine is very good but if I can get better with Timmy I won’t mind

Whays your team bro?

Got curry and hes amazing but u have one cheeser with giannis at the one and its hard to run curry all game.

Mutombo is the best defensive big. Duncan is the best all round big in the game right now. Stockton is steph with defense. G hill can run the 1-3 exceptionally well with a shoe.

You could also wait 4 days and see what the next pd reward is to see who you want? A pd hakeem or larry johnson would be op

It’s either Hakeem or Larry

But the first PD I’ll get is Tim. Heart speaking. No matter what

Definately do it then :slight_smile: just had to see where you were team wise. This is my team atm and games are too easy. I will lose one here and there tho.

I puked from jealousy

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When shall I sell Curry? Now or wait that US people wake up

Alot of hours of sniping bro! It wasnt easy lol

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Going off jr smith last week, a bit before the tourney in a few hours. Im not sure what the best time is when it comes to sell. @Knezius help a brother out? Lol

How do you recommend playing Pierce? He is like a slow, bullish inside/ post up scorer, yea? He doesn’t drin 3s for me like I was expecting, but he absorbs contact and finishes better than I expected.

Maybe bext weekend, hard to gauge when theyre releasing next anniversary packs.

A normal curry without badges is 160k now. A diamond shoe and badged one will be around 180k

Jermaine is 88k

So around 250k mt