Currently getting sub glitched

Do I have to sit here and keep pressing continue or will it automatically continue for me?

take a video send it to 2k support and ban that mofo

It’ll automatically continue for you.

But if there’s enough time in the game for your opponent to win, if you step away, then you want to stay in sight of the screen and be ready to jump in, if he un-pauses.

Some people get the W if they Quit. Some people get L’s. Up to you to decide how long you’re willing to wait.

Record video and report the offender. They may get a ban.

Ok thanks. Yeah, I’ll be sure to report him.

What system?


He’s still at it? Make sure to be mindful of the video length you have specified for captures. It’s not going to help penalize the asshole if you don’t have video with his PSN handle displayed, which goes into the rundown of his Pause timer.

He finally quit. Thirty more minutes wasting his time just cuz he was salty he lost. Also ran 5 out the whole game and named his team the 5out squad. First and last game of the night for me. I did take a video with the continue screen and his name in the video. Hopefully 2k does something about it.

Nice, congrats on the win and his finally quitting.

Some people have reported that you might get some VC compensation, though I’m not sure if you’ll get anything if he finally quit and you got the W. But at least you may get him suspended for trying to glitch you.

I got 15k mt for the same reason

Cool. Did the guy end up quitting on you?

I haven’t gotten around to filing my report on the time someone tried to glitch me for almost an hour, and ended up quitting. But I’ll do it for 15K MT. If you told me to spend 20 minutes to earn around $3.50, I’d tell you to fuck off, but somehow it only makes sense to spend 20 minutes to get less than $3.50’s worth of virtual currency…SMH at my damned self.

I ended up getting 25K for mine. I had to escalate it to the supervisor though because the initial person wasn’t going to give me anything. I ended up quitting and taking an L too.

Yeah I think his game lagged out after an hour or two and I ended up winning. That was my last online experience lmao

Try the new Multiplayer Moments Challenges. People may still try to sub glitch, but the gameplay on Superstar difficulty is generally much, much better in terms of blunting the success rate of the really cheesy tactics typical of Super Max.

lol sounds like py2win this was on xbox