Currently Being Subglitched by Blitzrd Xb1

I have video proof. So now what can i do?

What’s the sub glitch and what does it do. I see it posted all the time.

take the footage and head straight to 2ksupport

People basically do some weird sub thing and ur forced to either exit the game or wait for lord knows how long

People glitch out the game to force the game to end, effectively. Normally, the glitch results in both players taking the L rather than just the dude who fucking used the glitch since he was probably going to lose, and was salty – thus why he sub-glitched since he’s a poor sport.

Yep. Sucks too because he was in pd and i was smoking his ass by 12 in the 2nd quarter

Lol down 12 in the 2nd quarter is hardly insurmountable

Lol right. He’s actually a decent player as well. Kawhi was clamping up his Di Mj & guess he got frustrated lol

Same thing happened to me on PS4. I was up by 14 in the 4th and my opponent did the same. I couldn’t even message him because the dude turned his messages off and when I was going to video the whole thing the screen froze.

I sent a ticket to 2K. Hope this fool gets banned and completely misses out. I swear a lot of these PD’ers glitch their way to the top.

How long ago did you send your ticket? And have they responded as yet?

I sent it this morning. Got subglitched at around 1230AM this morning. No response yet but when I submitted it the last time this happened to me, they responded withing a few hours. Went back and forth and got 25K VC out of it. I really just want the dude banned.

Ok kool. I vented to them saying they need to resolve this or they risk losing a customer to we’ll see what happens lol.