Current State of MyTeam 😂

TToff - Broken
TTon - Playable, but no worthy rewards unless your playing for Nique
Domination - Glitched, god knows when they will fix the jersey rewards
Unlimited - Ppl will glitch out of losses

I feel sorry for the guys who want to grind Dom but is glitched out of the grind :roll_eyes:


Reg Dom looks okay now. I’m stopping there though will do historic later.

I’ll just play with my custom jersey designs in the mean time… wake me up when they fix all these.

I should be 3-0 in MTU but three times in the 3rd Q as soon me or my opp called a timeout a message saying “this game will not count” popped up… So I am 0-0 :rofl:

We basically paid $100 for a demo. Demos are usually free…

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I remember in 2k17 or 18 can’t remember, I smashed regular Dom in like 2 or 3 days but got a duplicate jersey for one game. Meant I couldn’t finish the collection and I didn’t get 2 Amy’s and a diamond that I would have otherwise.

They fixed it after like 3 days for people that hadn’t done it yet but the fast grinders? We had to wait. I waited 6 weeks for a response from 2k support. 6 weeks to give me one jersey card.

I feel bad for all you my teamers. Seems like they really fucked you guys this year.

There’s still issues where is 2ksupport and the youtubers who swear to death by this game and kiss ass in the process?

if it’s looking good then i finish the suns to complete the west

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Yea reg looks fine now but man that historic is not looking good.


Wolves and Blazers are bugged in historic.

myteam is in shambles. im so glad I didnt get 2k20 and save me some stress.


As well as the first Lakers game in historic.

They can put any. Pop up message they want anywhere in the games anytime. Why can’t they make one that says “we’re working to fix the OOP glitch. If you are using the OOP glitch to run non PGs at PG, then your account will be Banned for a week”


I’ve barely been able to play this weekend. Looks like i haven’t missed out on much. What a mess.

I’m bout to create a custom Syracuse arena and jerseys just for the 2-3 zone :joy:


Just beat the first weekly challenge and errord our as soon as the game was done. Didn’t get credit for the win but 2k sure knows to use up my contracts for the game that never counted.


I’m licking my chops to get MCW lol

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That’s a wonderful idea.

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I outlined all the bugs here. Feel free to let me know if I missed anything and remember to like or share it so we can get their attention

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Change your user name to boeheim

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