Current state of MyTeam is.... LMAO?

Current state of MyTeam is.... LMAO?

Sup guys, I haven’t been on the site in a while. Hope everyones been doing well. Just wanted to see where everyone’s head is at on the mode lol. I see 3 MAJOR flaws and i’ve only been playing for a week. Offball (obviously ridiculous, especially when the person has amazing players, not much you can do) 5-out nerf and defense. Defense is at a all time low and it makes the experience UNBEARABLE. I already broke a controller and its already been a week LMAO. I hate clamping someone n they still score no matter what. It happens 24/7 in myteam. Its disgusting lol. Anyways, you guys are some of the smartest and hardcore MyTeam guys out there, so what you guys think? How yall feel about the mode rn?


2k20 is worse than 2k18



Smartest ones didn’t buy this game, even for free :cold_face:


myteam just feels boring.



Join our sim league. Run plays, onball d, no rim running, mature adults

Shot contest on layups is abismal and the self rebounding on missed shots is insanity


Games feel completely random or scripted, forced animations that help or hurt your chance of winning. It has never been more obvious than this year.


Played dude was leading all the way in the 4th looked like an easy win and then all of a sudden his CPU (given his offballing all the time) started to lock the shit out of me, i’m sleep.


Yo don’t break yo stuff over a game man.Gota have discipline in competition especially when it’s for fun.


I play on a gaming monitor & can see a little skip in the fluid motions during these scripted moments. This is even on offline.


-Baseline blow bys still super overpowered
-Smothered layups going in with ease and only being registered as 10% contested while seemingly open layups missing at a high rate
-Bad shooting % leading to people offballing like crazy because they know your wide open shooter is going to miss anyway


Rewards are trash and they’re already rereleasing cards, evo cards are a mindless grind. TT Online is complete shit compared to last yr, they should’ve never touched it. And there’s still this 12-0 MTU shit that leads to people touching that game mode once a month.

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I never been a EQ guy but I can’t explain some of the recent shit I’ve seen.

Battering people I’m talking like 42 to 15 at half time type shit and some ass clown came all the way back and won cheesing with Trae Young.


I think you forgot to mention the part you were locking him down on defense and literally everything he put up went in. I’m starting to think 2K is trying to replicate what Fortnite does to their audience. Fortnite is famous for letting “non skilled” players finish 2nd or 3rd in Battle Royale. This type of gameplay has you coming back for more. If the non skilled players just got their ass whooped every single game, they would just abandon the game and do something new. 2K damn well knows the hardcore fans will take that L reset the 12-0 timer and start again. Like I said a few times before, 2K is trying to entice a new fan base into the mode where they feel they can be successful AKA my 14 year old son.


I don’t think the games that bad. I think naturally the community will always have something to complain about.

It was far worse last year when people had a speed boosting giannas at the 1 and then just 4 base eleven shooters around him while he 5 outed. Imagine if that was going on this year ? Then people would really have something to cry about haha


Dude!! That’s happened to me 3 times in my unbeaten runs. In one case I’ve held my opponent to 28 first half points only to be outscored 28-4 in the final quarter! I’m sorry. That is just messed up.


an Amy Giannis is far more dangerous this year then GO one last year, funnily enough. With Paint D barely there he can hop step everyone into oblivion.

And people are always going to offball it’s happened for years. I think people just struggle to adapt to adapt mew style or meta of play and when they struggle to adapt they just resort to complaining lol

2k doesn’t care about myteam and that’s just obvious.
Literally the same modes, rewards and packs from last year.
Still no ranked or any kind of skill based match making. They allowed “game won’t be counted” bug to linger for like a month.
The only reason why the mode is even alive is because they know there’s still plenty of people who’re addicted to card collecting and who’ll still throw money on it.
Literally free money for no effort.