Current squad need some help

I’ve already gone through every non galaxy opal in the new set. I can’t use Lonzo for some reason. But I want to. And I prefer jokic over ayton.
Advice with who to get rid of and who to get. Please and thank you

Sell Granger, Siakam, and Wade

Get PD Penny at point

Bird at 3

Diamond Drob at the 4

Those moves should be doable without being too expensive. If you have enough MT, also consider KG at the 4. I would want to complement Jokic with a faster, better defender.

Bill Russell is a great utility card for when you can’t stop someone. He’ll have the tools to get the job done. Also Danny Granger unless you love his release is not a great card in my eyes. IDK how much PD Durant is going right now but I think KD is better than Granger and its not even close. I’d also give Grant Hill a shot. Some people don’t like him but he’s really effective.