Current situation. Suggestions?

I use amy players in my line up because I truly feel like my diamonds play better with lower tier cards on the court with them. As much as I like kyrie his ability to finish around the rim is a downfall along with his defense.

Thinking about sliding Oladipo and Tmac down to the PG/ST. And going and picking up Amy PG13. Thoughts or suggestions?

Edit: Jokic is gone. I have a 95 cousins with diamond contract and diamond 3 point shoe

In terms of the online gameplay, you’d be in good shape with that move since most guys run big points. Kyrie has sick handles and shooting but will always be a defensive liability in supermax

He kills me on the defensive side of the ball but yeah his offensive skills isn’t a question. Oladipo has HOF pick pocket and defensive stopper. Just been thinking about making the move. I can sell kyrie for a decent amount and go get PG13 for 30k