Current round of SuperMax points/win

I started in sapphire with 1700 points,im 6-0 still in sapphire with 1800+ points and every win was 25 pts except of one where i gor 48 pts.Is it the same for you guys?and all the games were with the same tier opponents.

That’s wild. I’m 5-2 and have gotten a +450 and a +250. Currently sitting in the Amy league

I’m Sapphire.
Bronze getting +25
Played another Sapphire and got +471

Really?i dodnt know why i got only 25 pts and only a 48 pts win.

all my games were against sapphires.

That sucks.

i know right?and in the previous season/rounds i was getting 25 only for opponents in a
lower tier.

Interesting. I started at 1700 as well. I am 2-8 and yet still in sapphire at 1806 points. My 2 wins got me like 250 apiece, and each loss has been 35-80. It also feels like I am playing on HoF, literally. I have given up more points than ever before, I can’t lock onto guys, I can’t knock down open looks, I’m sailing passes on fast breaks and kick outs. It’s awful.

i forgot to mention i play on PC if thats make a sense

Started in Emerald and got damn near 300 points first win lol

i dont know why,every season/round i n the 2-3 first wins i was gettinf 200+ pts at least.

Started in Bronze (havent played SM in months) & got 513 points for making some dude rage quit 1st quarter. He was in sapphire league. So I’m 1-0 sitting in gold league. I’ll pbly play 4 or 5 games tomorrow.