Current Gen Neighborhood Stuff

Don’t see a thread for any current gen stuff so figured I’d make this for all the questions I’m gonna ask throughout the year.

Playing for the first time in almost 2 months. Play/shots everywhere still? Best builds to make from scratch? Quickest ways to rep up currently? Best ways to defend that damn Curry slide?

Whatever else Current Gen Neighborhood stuff to talk about.

In current gen neighborhood there are really only three build

Play shot
Paint beast
Glass cleaning finisher

It’s gotten so bad, i played against multiple teams of 3 play shots last night.

This is what I’m seeing already. Really wish there were more variety but it’s clear and obvious why these builds are all over the place.

I might make a play/shot and just lower the pass accuracy until it’s just a “shot creator”. Just for some slight difference. Kinda disappointed nothings changed since I left.

Defending the curry slide is much the same as defending anything ever in 2k. Guard the off ball hand. Most cheese abusers aren’t very smart or adaptive. They’ll likely curry slide right into you. Always defend against the change of direction and do it close to the body so that if they actually have a brain and drive to the ball hand side you can still ride them all the way and meet them at the rim.


Good advice. I definitely consider myself an above average, maybe even elite, defender but there’s just certain angles that seem to always get the dribbler open and make me slide. I’m with you though on the positioning of the off ball hand. I’ll practice it more.

I need some decent jumper suggestions. Want as much of a push shot as I can find. Using Tony Parker base with Steph release but it’s not hitting consistent. It’s for a Steve Nash build so I want it to look somewhat similar to a higher arcing push shot.

Can someone give me a strategy for earning shooting badges with a big with 70 mid and 3 pt? I’m at a loss. Can’t do it. Every strategy I’ve found only works for guards and wings. Annoyed as hell.

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When I was grinding builds on current this was literally my most hated build to grind bro it’s really no easy way. I just go to mid range set a screen and they should move back a lil then just shoot.


Current or next gen? Current gen with that rating I don’t know what to tell ya, you won’t be able to unfortunately.

Next gen, what’s your ball handle? Snatch backs are good around the elbow 3. Otherwise call for pass, jab step, shoot. Do you have fast jumpers?

Oh wait if it’s next gen you’re most likely a center so go for post fades.

Fade 3

Current gen definitely. I’ve basically given up and made a new build. I have a fuckin problem. 5th build this year already. Talk about addiction problems.

I’m still on current gen, and it doesn’t matter what time of day that I play, every single park that I go to, I see the following builds:
Playmaking Shot Creator (why Tyceno, why?)
Paint Beast
Interior Force
Sharpshooting Facilitator
Glass-Cleaning Lockdown
2-Way Slasher (surprisingly).

Best build to make? That depends on what you want to do. If you want a shooter, go with a sharpshooter like I did. You might struggle a little at first, but once you get the right jumper, it’s butter chicken all day. If you like dunking all over people, Paint Beast and Interior Force are the go-to’s. Slashers that I’ve played can’t really do much besides turn the ball over. Also, I wouldn’t recommend Play Shots or Glass Locks because those are the particular builds that are usually the most toxic.

As you can guess, this gets irritating fast, especially since I’m a 89 Sharpshooter with a 92 mid range and three pointer who stands wide open for about 95% of a game. The other 5%, I’m being very loosely guarded. Because I don’t have the Deadeye badge, I prefer not to take contested shots, but if I have a Play Shot who is bound and determined to shoot 15-17 shots a game, I frankly don’t give a damn at that point. And the Curry sliding is ridiculous. He’s my favorite player and all, but damn. I have one friend on PS4 who has the cheesiest Curry slide - shoot a three combo I’ve ever seen. He literally shoots from half-court and beyond. And makes it.

As for the question on rep ups, If you have the time (and patience), I’d recommend playing a lot of Park, but Rec is also a nice option, just be wary that this is where the tryhards go to play. It gives you a nice bit of rep, though.

When it comes to Curry sliding, I honestly don’t know what to say. The best I can say is to just stay up on the dribbler and watch out for screens. They just wash, rinse, repeat with that. If there’s 3 Play Shots, though…leave the worst one open. More likely than not, he’ll miss. I played three the other night, and the one I was guarding went like 0-3. The other two made like 2 or 3 shots, max. Easy win.

I doubt anyone is about read all of that.


This might the one of the best first posts in 2kG history
To come out of the gate with an essay, speaking only facts
Welcome to the community

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Thank you, bro. I tried with it.

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Nice, you did great, what build do you run

89 Sharpshooter on PS4.

Edit (they hit me with that new user limit): Nope. Not one.
2nd Edit: Thank you. the crazy part is I’m still a teenager.

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Does he get pro dribble moves

Oof, I feel your pain. I made a 3 level scorer with 79 ball handle thinking 70 still got you pro🤦🏾‍♂️ At least I only need 96 to get pro

Oh the user limit yeah I thinks it’s only 3 posts or something. You seem cool

Welcome to 2kgamer

This alone has me spinning my head. So spot on. I can’t find a PG willing to pass if my life depended on it. I know some of these PGs are on this site too. So infuriating. Idc if they score 20 pts I’ll always know I’m a better baller than they are because of IQ.

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