Current Game of Rings rankings: Dame at 1

Dark Matter Nurkic please (CJ seems more likely if he wins though)

Please not Lillard. :sleepy:

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Wtf I woulda thought AD and Simmons would be top 2

Dame is the easiest to score with.

Nurkic would be pretty cool ngl

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Simmons can’t shoot and so with AD so it really with the others

I’ll take Zach Collins if he’s dark Matter.

7’0 PF/SF.

Or RoCo.


his pd is garbage

Wow. Dame would literally rank 6th out of 6 for me.

We just got a DM. Plus his jumper is ass.

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Oh didn’t realize we get a DM teammate.

If it’s RoCo I would be hyped.

His PD plays well for me! DM would be amazing tho

He has a big player model, if he gets the Dirk/Joker/Bill treatment he could be elite.

Hoping Zion wins so I can get a Steven Adams! That kiwi monster!


Low key, I’d love a Steven Adams more than anyone else on the Pelicans (including my absolute fan favourite Ingram)

Originally from Tasmania, so have a unusual to Kiwi sportsman, feel like NZ and Tassie is one and the same :joy: also base 38 is CASH


this feels kinda rigged because Dame has the easiest challenge and most people are just gonna use these cards for the XP

so how does this work ? who gets a free DM in the end ?? what happens?

Curious of the same thing wondering how this shits gonna play out…my guess it’ll be a shit show lol

Zion y’all! Has much better teammates, I think lol

Whichever player gets the most points scored with by all 2k users in TT by the end of Sunday the 13th, a teammate of theirs will get a free DM locker code. Then, the locker code drops that Monday I think.

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After looking at the token market, could the packs be hinting at who the teammate would be? BI for Zion, Rob for Tatum, THT for Davis, Kanter for Dame, Rudy for Mitchell, and Harris for Ben. None of these guys have a DM yet, and they are not big enough of a name to drop in packs. Just a thought.